AMP - Aircraft Maintenance Planning




Archiving in AMP

AMP allows for the uploading of various documents to ensure rapid access and storage security.  Only those Aircraft linked to the AMO may have documents linked and uploaded.

These include copies of:

  • Work Packs.
  • Certificate of Airworthiness copy.
  • Certificate Relating to Maintenance.
  • Aircraft related photos.
  • Radio Station licence copy
  • Logbook scans.
  • Log card scans.
  • Insurance document scans.
  • Release documents.
  • Status Reports.

Note:  These documents are not meant to duplicate the substantiating documents uploaded for Compliance of individual Tasks.

Document uploading

  1. Select the Aircraft.
  2. Select Add New File.
  3. Enter a Reference for local identification.
  4. Enter the Document Description.
  5. Select the Doc Type from the drop down list.
  6. Enter the date.
  7. Press Choose file to select the file for upload.
  8. Press the Green Tick button to upload the Archive file.