Setup & Configuration


 AMS (Aircraft Maintenance Software) was initially developed in 1990. It is widely used in Southern Africa and has also spread to other countries on the African continent. The software has proved to be an affordable, dedicated solution to aircraft maintenance companies. AMS development evolved from DOS through all the versions of Windows to keep track of the latest available technology and has now been upgraded to a web based version.

The aim of AMS is to take care of all the administrative tasks associated with an AMO. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the handling and tracking of store parts, allocation of labour and costs of subcontracted services to work packs. By automatically preparing various reports required by the industry, AMS is a great advantage to any AMO, due to well thought through calculations and concepts that assist in eliminating errors and contributing to productivity.

Development was done by experienced aviation personnel, ensuring a product that complies to the user and CAA requirements.