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The AMS quotation functionality is an optional add-in module to the main program.  The purpose is to prepare a quotation in the same format as the Work Pack.  This allows customers to clearly match the quotation with the final documentation.  The quotation format is similar.


Quoted selling prices will not be recalculated in the work pack, but costing will be allocated as normal.  It is therefore easy to monitor the eventual quotation selling against actual Work pack costing.  No additional tasks, spares or services can be added to a Work pack linked to a quotation once authorised.

All three cost components are included in the quotation:

  • Parts
  • Services
  • Labour

Services Purchase Orders will be automatically created on creating the Work Pack and will therefore include costs.  Labour will not be detailed to individual staff level, but will only contain the selling and hours per quoted task. 


Quotations are created similar to a Work Pack.  The customer, aircraft and division must be linked to the quote.  The quotation status can be maintained from the Quotation page.  The available options are:

  • Cancelled
  • Draft
  • Locked/Authorised
  • Successful
  • Unsuccessful 

During the draft status, the individual selling prices may be adjusted according to the Quote before authorization.  Make sure that the Quote values are correct before Authorisation.  Once authorized, the quotation is fixed and prices can no longer be adjusted, as it is assumed that the quote has been delivered.  All the selling prices are retained to be transferred to the final Work pack.  Work packs linked to quotations will accumulate the actual costs as labour, parts and services are added, but the selling price will remain fixed. 

The status must be Locked/Authorised before a Work pack can be generated from the quotation page.  This will change the status to Successful.  No further editing can be done once a Work Pack was created.

Quote Tasks

Quotation Tasks will become Work Pack tasks.  Similar to Work Packs, Tasks can be created manually, imported from templates, or imported from AMP Scheduled maintenance tasks.  Tasks must be linked to the relevant aircraft components.

While editing tasks, the labour hours and selling prices and other relevant information that will be transferred to the Workpack task must be entered.  
It is also possible to create a No-Charge task type.  This is useful when task details must be recorded, even if not chargeable.

A Task can also have one service component linked.  A Supplier must be linked and service cost as well as service selling price added.  When a quotation task, with a service, is converted to a Work Pack, all services Purchase Orders will be created automatically.


Parts will be linked to the quotation, based on the current store selling price.  These parts are allocated to the quotation tasks, but not issued.  Parts can therefore be allocated regardless of the store stock.  A quotation will not adjust the stock levels.

When the quote is converted to a Work pack, all parts in the quote, will automatically be added top the parts requisition list for the stores to action.

Quote Revision Management

Changes can be made to quotes, even after it has been linked to a work pack.  These changes will be tracked through quotation revisions.  Quote reporting will show the different quotation revisions as new quote cards were added during the life of a Work Pack.  This functionality will typically be used when additional work must be done on a work pack.

A quotation can however only be linked to one work pack regardless of the new revisions.  Quote status changes to and from revision can only be done by a user with Quote Management access.  Each quote card item will be linked to the relevant quote revision at the time of the first authorisation.  This will allow traceability of changes in the quotation reporting.

Revision process

The quote will have to be unlocked, which will put the quote in a Revision status.  New quote cards can be added and edited.  Old quote task cards cannot be edited if previously linked to a work pack.  Once revised, the quote can be locked/authorised to get approval from the client.

When the new revision has been approved by the client the new task card can be added to the work pack, which will change the quote status to Successful.  If the client does not accept the new revision, the quote should be marked unsuccessful.  Important to note that the quote will now be adjusted, by removing the new revision items and set to successful on the previously approved revision.  The revision will essentially be removed.  This must be done to allow closing of a work pack.  A work pack cannot be closed if linked to a quote with unlinked quote card items.

When a quote is revised before it is linked to a work pack, it will be possible to edit the quote cards from a previous revision.

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